Billiard Sound is a small audio-visual post production business based in Melbourne, Australia, that specialises in sound design and music composition for short films, animations, live theatre and games. We also provide a number of other services including: sound art installations, music production for musical artists, video production, video editing and voice overs. We can correspond with our customers and provide many of our services over the internet and we can deliver our end product to you via online file transfer.

Billiard Sound are the cool cats of sound for visual media and you can be assured that your short film or other visual project is in safe and ‘sound’ hands.

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Billy Tankard
Billiard Sound
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Phone: 0431 337 713
e-mail: contact@billiardsound.com.au
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Sound Design

Billiard Sound provides sound design for visual media including: Animations, Short Films, Interactive Media, Video Games, Web Content, Advertisements, Live Performance, Theatre and more...


Voice Over

Billiard Sound provides voice over services for:

Animations, Interactive Media, Video Games, Web-Content, Advertisements, Documentaries and more...


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