Billiard Sound is a small audio-visual post production business based in Melbourne, Australia, that specialises in sound design and music composition for short films, animations, live theatre and games. We also provide a number of other services including: turntable servicing, music production for musical artists, video production, video editing, voice overs and house party DJ. We provide many of our services over the internet and we can deliver our end product to you via online file transfer.

Billiard Sound is the cool cat of sound for visual media and you can be assured that your short film or other visual project is in safe and ‘sound’ hands.

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Billy Tankard
Billiard Sound
ABN: 99 372 035 494
Phone: 0431 337 713
e-mail: contact@billiardsound.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/billiardsound
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Current Turntable Servicing Drop-off Locations:

Samurai AV
7 Hunt St
Coburg, VIC
Australia, 3058

40 Lawrence St
Castlemaine, VIC
Australia, 3450

Sound Design

Billiard Sound provides sound design for visual media including: Animations, Short Films, Interactive Media, Video Games, Web Content, Advertisements, Live Performance, Theatre and more...


Voice Over

Billiard Sound provides voice over services for:

Animations, Interactive Media, Video Games, Web-Content, Advertisements, Documentaries and more...


DJ Billiard

DJ Billiard

DJ Billiard aka Billiard The Button Pusher. The mobile DJ for your next house party!

Collection: Underground and 90's Hip-Hop, Big Beat, Chip Tune, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Electro Swing, World Hip-Hop and House, Croon Tunes, Lounge, Kitscherama and Unusual music

For bookings email: dj@billiardproductions.com.au

Turntable Servicing

(Castlemaine and Melbourne VIC, Australia)

Formerly Samurai AV servicing, we service a wide-range of vinyl record players and specialise in Technics 1200 series turntables.

We aim to give your turntable many extra years of smooth operation! Additional repairs and service can be performed as needed. Prices include GST.

  • Basic Service (clean, re-lubrication, inspection): $55
  • Full Service (basic service, pitch & brake calibration, ground wire re-earthed through RCAs if desired): Single $88, Pair $154
  • RCA or Power Cable replacement: $55
  • Tone-arm Replacement (Technics SL-1200/1210MK2 standard): $176
  • Stylus Tracking Light Replacement (LED): $55
  • Pitch Fader Replacement: $110

See our current price list for all prices.

contact us for a FREE quote (fee may apply for physical inspections).

Visit our contact page for current servicing drop off locations.

blue technics 1200 image 2blue technics 1200 image 2blue technics 1200 image 4

Turntable Part Sales

Turntable Styli/Cartridges:
Budget Hi-Fi Cartridge Audio Technica AT95E:

  • $79
  • $88 installed*

DJ Cartridge Shure M447

  • $99
  • $110 installed*

*Cartridge installation is with a standard turntable service only.

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